TellStory Visualization Tool

Tool that tells your stories over big data in real-time.

What is TellStory?

TellStory is a web application that helps you to create interactive stories over massive datasets. Thanks to underlying ultra fast database qikkDB it enables to present charts and maps based on billions of rows in realtime.

Currently, TellStory is running publicly for demonstration purposes of the underlyng qikkDB. Our vision is to make a presentation tool which will help users without programming background to simply create visually stunning stories and share with others. It has two parts - one for managing datasets and another for creating story presentation.

Visit TellStory here. To request a demo, you need to go through a short registration process.

Datasets Management

This part allows you to import dataset from various sources and to manage imported datasets. Currently, you can import CSV file from URL link or upload from local computer. Imported datasets are in tabular format - structure is defined by columns and data are stored as rows.

Datasets management part of TellStory.

Story Desinger

Once you have imported a dataset you can start creating a story. Insert chart widgets to provide insight into data by configuring source dataset and columns used for visualizations. Or insert text widgets to describe the chart widgets.

Story designer part of TellStory.

Web Console

This is part for more advanced users who want to run SQL queries over their datasets. It allows SELECT queries while other types of queries are blocked for security reasons.

Web console part of TellStory.