Release Notes

This page contains release notes of the released versions of qikkDB.


The released versions of qikkDB (database server) are listed below, along with their main changes.


Release Date: the 30th of June 2020

Features & Performance:

  • Completely refactored database persistence format

    • Main .db file has been structured from binary form to JSON

    • Persisting only modified blocks of data (in previous versions, whole modified columns we persisted)

    • Persisted blocks of data has different structure and fixed length

  • Added function DAYOFWEEK

  • Added function WEEKDAY


Release Date: the 15th of April 2020

Features & Performance:

  • Handling of corrupted database files

  • Improved main configuration file - added options to:

    • Choose if to use multiple graphic cards (if available) or just a single graphic card

    • Choose the maximum overal GPU VRAM usage in percent

  • Prepared Docker files

  • Improved log messages

  • Improved overal stability


Release Date: the 6th of February 2020

Features & Performance:


Release Date: the 23rd of October 2019

Features & Performance:

  • GROUP BY support for unlimited number of unique values in results

  • Block size can be set also per tables

  • Decreased memory (RAM) usage of loaded databases by 30%

  • Decreased memory (RAM) usage when loading databases from disk by 40%

  • Added function DATE() which returns datetime in human readable format

  • Improved speed of queries like SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 10;

  • Added functionality to use GROUP BY without aggregation function

  • Added possibility to rename database / table / column

  • Added possibility to drop database / table / column


Release Date: the 25th of September 2019

Features & Performance: