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Do I have to fit all the data into memory (RAM) to work with qikkDB?

Yes. We do not support swaping data into disk yet, but we are working on it.

Does qikkDB support modification of data?

Currently we cannot modify (update) a single entry data (e.g. we have a column with book prices, we cannot change a price per book). However, you can rename database / table / column or you can change a column data type which will result in casting the data and therefore possible modification of data.

What happens to the data changes which have not been yet saved into disk if database crashes or a server goes down?

We are saving only modified columns during autosave. How often an autosave is triggered can be changed in configuration file. Currently, any changes which were not persisted into disk will be lost if a database crashes or server goes down. We will look at this when we will support data updates as well.